Case Study: Superior coatings for extreme conditions

Perfect coating helps to save lives

You do not simply coat a helipad every day, which is exposed to extreme conditions and contributes to saving people. Pilots have to be in a position to safely land with their  patients on board in any weather conditions. The right coating thus helps the rescue-pilots to land despite adverse weather, to keep an overview and to drop off the injured safely.

>> object: Helipad SLK Hospital, Heilbronn

Individual flooring system for helipad

The SLK Kliniken in Heilbronn had publically tendered  the coating on the hospital’s roof and the company BETEC Beschichtungstechnik GmbH won the bidding. With the consultation and development of a tailor-made coating system of the VIACOR Polymer GmbH BETEC was commissioned. Thus the helipad project could begin.

Applying and lining helipad


an enormous point pressure is produced which the coating has to resist

The challenge in mixing the fitting system was that the landing site was to be heated for the first time and temperatures between -20°C and +60°C can occur. In addition, an enormous point-pressure is produced as during landing, both skids are usually not set down at the same time. In the case of a coating being too soft, pressure marks would appear which would cause micro fissures in the sealer. These could subsequently be the start of a slow destruction.

Applying and lining

Applying and lining helipad

For this extraordinary project with special requirements, the company VIACOR together with BETEC developed the following individual coating system:

- thickness approx. 6 mm

Barrier primer:
This barrier primer without sanding completely seals-in the pores.

VIASOL EP-210 lightly sanded witht QS 0,3-0,8 mm
The lightly sanded primer with quartz sand serves the mechanical grip for the subsequent PUR-coating

Wear coat1:
VIASOL PU-L300V pre-filled with QS 0,1-0,3
The wear layer is cost efficient with a low consumption of binding agents and sands with quartz sand

Wear coat 2:
VIASOL PU-L300V pre-filled with QS 0,1-0,3
The second wear layer is sanded with corundum and a granulation of 1.0 – 2.0 mm

Product properties of VIASOL PU-L300 V:

The sealer is weather- and colour-proof and has a great resistance against acid and lye, lubricant and fuel. The product is easy to clean.

The colour had to be eye-catching and luminous – thus signal red and white were used.

The pressure-resistance arises from the hardness of the sanding materials (corundum). The technical data by far suffices to satisfy the requirements for the application on a helicopter landing pad.

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