Case Study - Private Hospital in Banja Luka

Setting New Standards in Hospitals 

In October 2017 the most sophisticated hospital in Banja Luka opened its doors for the first time. Its prospective private patients are looking forward to the very best treatment available. The treatment rooms, laboratories, operating theatres, recovery rooms, intensive care unit and patient rooms are all state of the art and the facilities in Dr. Kostic’s private clinic are setting new standards in medical care.

>> object: Private Hospital Dr. Kostic in Banja Luka

Optisches Leitsystem bei der Bodenbeschichtung unter der Versiegelung im Krankenhaus

Right from the outset, starting with the architect’s planning, attention to every detail was key. When choosing the building materials and the people to carry out the necessary work, Dr. Kostic demanded the very highest standards in quality. Even the flooring surfaces, which are highly visible and will be well-used on a daily basis, need to fulfil the most stringent requirements. The product range offered by the German manufacturer of flooring coatings, VIACOR Polymer GmbH, which are applied by TTB TENZO (Tehničko tehnološki biro TENZO d.o.o.) from Banja Luka met these standards.

VIASOL PU-S600P Boden-Versiegelung und Markierung in weiss, gruen und orange

Floor coatings for hospitals

In the new build of Dr. Kostic’s private clinic, an adapted VIASOL ELASTIC system with a highly glossy, transparent top layer on a UREA basis was installed to fulfil the highest optical requirements over an area of 470 m2 covering 2 floors comprising the halls, reception area and treatment rooms.

This system consists of the epoxy resin primer VIASOL EP-P203. This primer creates the bond between the existing floor screed and any subsequent coating. To create a consistent, homogenous underground layer, a levelling layer was applied with the elastic and low-emission polyurethane coating, VIASOL PU-C525. Afterwards, again using VIASOL PU-C525, a white, footstep-sound absorbing coating was applied.

The client requested a pure white surface with specific colour markings. Here the entire surface was sealed with the aliphatic, highly UV- and colour-stable poly urethane sealer, VIASOL PU-S6000P. The same sealer was used for a colour coding system in producing colour markings in a bright orange and light green colour scheme.

Afterwards the transparent top layer VIASOL UREA-C4010 was applied as a highly glossy and elastic protective layer.

Perfekte Applikation der Bodenbeschichtung von VIACOR Industrieboeden durch TTB Tenzo

In several side rooms covering an area of 40 m2, the simpler and more cost-effective VIASOL PROTECTIVE system was applied. This system also consists of the VIASOL EP-P203 primer, which was coated twice with the coloured sealer VIASOL EP-S602. This system has a thin layer and is ideal for less used areas such as technical rooms.

For particularly sensitive areas, such as computer tomography (CT) for example, TTB Tenzo and VIACOR opted for conductive coatings to meet these special requirements.

In operating theatres, the conductive VIASOL UNIVERSAL ESD System according to ESD requirements was used. The 4 layered epoxy resin system was applied with a conductive layer and VIASOL EP-C3044 ESD as a surface covering in a light colour.

To avoid the risk of explosions, the flooring in the oxygen store room has to be conductive. Here the flooring system VIASOL UNIVERSAL voltex, a four-layered epoxy resin system with the conductive surface covering VIASOL EP-C540 AS and a conductive layer were applied. 

Leitfähige Bodenbeschichtung ESD im Krankenhaus VIASOL Universal ESD

Floor coating systems
for Hospitals




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