Case Study: Industrial flooring for production halls and car work shops

Industrial floor coatings for production halls

H&B Electronic GmbH & Co., a company which has enjoyed considerable growth, has had its Headquarters in Deckenpfronn, Germany since 1984. H&B Electronic is one of the most successful companies in the Electronics‘ industry and lists its quality, knowledge and reliability as the main contributing factors for this. It counts household names such as Robert Bosch GmbH, Festo AG and Bayer Pharma AG among its customer base and it complies with all the required certificates and standards. Nothing is left to chance

>> object: Production hall, H&B Deckenpfronn GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Bodenbeschichtung in Werkshallen / Produktionshallen

This is the same motto which H&B Electronic applies to the build and maintenance of its business premises. The production site in Deckenpfronn covers 9.500 m2 and to ensure the production runs as smoothly as is possible, precise and well considered planning is necessary in order to fulfil the building material demands of the Facility Management and Manufacturing Teams.

In November 2016 the factory area was increased by 4000 m2, spread across 3 buildings. H&B Electronics has been using the VIASOLPERM system with impressive results. VIACOR Polymer GmbH’s floor coating system is easy to clean and furthermore excels through its endurance, mechanical resilience and the creation of a healthy working environment.

Untergrundvorbereitungen für die Bodenbeschichtung

These factors were considered to be of utmost importance to H&B Electronic who chose an already established and proven product for their new buildings. Another important factor was that VIACOR Polymer GmbH’s internal and external quality control follows continued and rigorous testing procedures.

The coating company Ercan Bautenschutz GmbH & Co. KG once again carried out the flooring work at H&B Electronic. The substrate preparation with a vacuum shot blasting machine ensured that the base of the factory floor received an initial treatment. This removes the unstable upper layers (cement slurries) and stains from the floor.

Grundierung Bodenbeschichtung Industriehalle

The primer ensures a bonding with the substrate (concrete) and therefore this is the first layer to apply to a flooring system. The water-dilutable primer VIASOL EP-P285 is used for coatings without any diffusion barriers. These can be installed to various substrates such as magnesite but also brickwork-, anhydrite-, concrete- and cement screed subsoils.

H&B Electronic chose VIASOL EP-C580, the diffusible coating, in a warm light grey colour (RAL 7004). This coating is designed for subsoils with increased residual moisture and is able to withstand medium to high resilience. Finally, a care treatment was applied which saved the costs for the sealer. The process may be repeated in certain timeframes, but contributes to a good, thorough cleaning.

Der Oberbelag VIASOL EP-C580

For stairs and in staff rooms, Ercan Bautenschutz used the VIASOL EP-S680 sealer. In these areas, the flooring was interspersed with attractive black, grey and white flakes, which is a nice alternative to a uniform colour.

H&B Electronic trusts the proven partnership of ERCAN and VIACOR and ensures its professionally coated flooring following the AgBB standard.

VIASOL PERM für Treppen und Flure

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Water-vapour permeable epoxy advanced resin based coating system, low odour, low emission, hard-wearing, water-proof surface with good mechanical and chemical properties and a wide colour spectrum.


 VIASOL PERM - Industriebodensystem für Produktionshallen

Thickness: 2,0 - 5,0 mm

Versiegelung: VIASOL EP-S680

Top coating:  VIASOL EP-C580

Scratch coating: VIASOL EP-C580

Primer: VIASOL EP-P285



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