Case Study: Decorative flooring for Restaurants and Retail Spaces

Floor coating systems for restaurants and retail spaces

On his website, Martino Scafetta, owner of „Martino‘s Feinkost“, a delicatessen and restaurant selling highest-quality, original italian specialities whets his customers appetite with the following:

„We invite you to take a journey into an exclusive, mediterranean world of delicatessen specialities. Whether you enjoy our delicacies in your home or with us in our relaxed surroundings, our main focus is to delight our guests.“ 

>> object: Delicatessen and Restaurant, Martino‘s Feinkost

Fliesen werden für die Bodenbeschichtung vorbereitet

In the summer of 2016, the delicatessen and restaurant which are based in Rutesheim underwent extensive refurbishment works. A consistent look throughout the shop and restaurant coupled with the sophisticated floor coating made for exceptional surroundings.

The specialist company „Dekorative Beschichtungen GbR“ based in Kornwestheim ensured the perfect implementation of the exclusive flooring products made by „VIACOR Polymer GmbH“. Special features include the company logo which has been expertly incorporated into the flooring giving a personal touch to the delicatessen.

Industrieboden-Beschichtungsarbeiten mit VIASOL

Flooring for Restaurants and Retail Spaces

Floor surfaces in restaurants must be hygenic, odourless and emission-free. Furthermore, indoor floor coating must comply with the „AgBB“ standard, which regulates indoor emissions for building products. „VIACOR“ provides a comprehensive range of emission-free products and systems, which are recognisable by the Green Line Eco label, which was the floor coating exclusively chosen and installed by „Martino’s Feinkost“.

The „VIASOL ELASTIC UV“ system coupled with an individual layer design fulfils the requirements of high-end design and also offers comfort underfoot. Underground preparations begin with the grinding of the existing floor tiles and the whole area is primed with VIASOL EP-P285. The low emission and solvent-free primer gives a perfect adhesion between the subsoil and jointless flooring system. 

Boden für Innenräume AggB geprüft

To smooth the grouting under the surface, a levelling layer is used with VIASOL EP-T703, which is then used with VIASOL PU-C525 as a highly elastic intermediate layer to evenly rework the surface. This ensures an even and smooth floor. A jet-black coloured VIASOL PU-C500 product, which offers true-colour stability, was applied on top.

The final element is  the application of the brand new UREA top coat, VIASOL UREA-C4010. Ercan Durmus enthused, „the UREA-C4010 is applicable in the bucket for approximately 30 minutes and on the floor for 5 minutes and is very easy to apply. It looks beautiful and is lovely to walk on. It really is the best top coat.“

Bodenbelag für Restaurants - hygienisch und pfelgeleicht

Glitter with a 3D effect, mixed with VIASOL UREA-C4010 in the top coat, gives the area an air of sophistication and quality.

Corporate identity in the outdoor area: A stone floor with „Martino’s Feinkost“ logo etched into it creates a personal touch for the customers upon entering  the restaurant and delicatessen. VIASOL PU-T711 is used as a UV-, colour-stable, transparent, low-emission and glossy binding agent for VIASOL stone carpet for indoor and outdoor areas on a polyurethane resin basis.

VIASOL Bindemittel für Steinteppiche

- Retail Spaces

In restaurants and shops selling food, where people are continuously on the move, factors such as an attractive appearance, resilience, comfort, hygiene and low-maintenance are of utmost importance when considering the floor surface.

A floor coating system prevents the build up of dirt and mould in susceptible areas. The floor is easy to keep clean and this is an important factor with herbs and spices, which are easily visible if they are dropped on the floor.

It’s not only the visual aspect of a room that contributes to a sense of well-being, but also the impact sound insulation. In busy restaurants, the noise and sound reduction of the flooring reduces the level of noise.




Areas where people spend longer periods of time must  adhere to high levels of environmental, health and occupational safety requirements and for these spaces, building products must comply to specified standards. AgBB (German „Ausschuss zur gesundheitlichen Bewertung von Bauprodukten“) is the standard which assesses the health impact from the emissions of volatile, organic compounds (VOC) of building products.

Agbb Zertifzierung Icon GREEN LINE ECO

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