Case Study: Allianz Arena

Parking at Allianz Arena

The alliance arena in Munich has the ability to hold about 75.000 football fans. With a capacity of 9.800 car parking lots, the arenas four-floor multi-storey car park is the largest in Europe.

On 12th of May 2014 the giant project started with a total area of approx. 180.000 square meters; but already in August not only soccer balls, but also cars had to roll again. Since then the Sulzberger’s company epoflor is taking care of it. The specialst for high-performance coatings and concrete repairing is operating under high pressure to get his largest project done, with partly up to 40 team members on jobsite.

Parking area - preparation

repair and overhaul of allianz arena - the car park area

Just in time VIACOR Polymer GmbH reliably supplied the flooring system for car park surfaces VIASOLDECK 11b plus. In a very short time the production department delivered large quantities directly to the job site. At the same time the focus was permanently set on ensuring all required quality standards. Despite the enormous time pressure and operation of all VIACOR customers, it succeeded at each time. Manufacturers and applicators worked side by side to the fullest satisfaction of the client.

Parking area - coating

Slip resistant surface for car traffic and pedestrian traffic

Work was completed on schedule due to the outstanding application qualities of VIACOR’s products and the motivated moving crew of epoflor. The qualitatively high-value execution was confirmed by Büro Schöppel (measurings of layer thickness, detention courses etc.) that implemented a comprehensive quality assurance.

Parking area

Parking deck coatings

The architect‘s office Schöppel, Munich was assigned with the planning of the refurbishment. Due to the current building condition no larger surface repair works had been necessary. Therefore a substrate preparation with a vacuum shot blasting machine was sufficient. The existing coating around the pillars originally only should have been grinded and over-coated. During the work it was stated that the adhesion of the old coating partly was insufficient. As a result this was removed likewise and revised. To the execution the VIASOLDECK 11b plus was applied. Allianz Arena

Car park deck system


Car park deck coating system with combined membrane and wear coat with enhanced crack bridging properties (class B 3.2) for multi storey car parks in intermediate decks with pedestrian and vehicle traffic. According to DIN EN 1504-2 and DIN V 18026, class OS 11b/OS Fb.

  • Dynamic crack bridging acc. to EN 1062-7
    class B3.2 (- 20°C)
  • Seamless application for reliable waterproofing
  • Combined membrane and wear coat
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Good chemical resistance (oil, de-icing salt,
    petrol, diesel)
  • Slip resistant surface for car traffic and
    pedestrian traffic
  • Available in many colours
  • Very high color and UV-stability with PU
  • Fire resistance class Bfl-s1
  • Combined membrane and wear coat
  • Approved according to DIN EN 1504-2 and DIN
    V18026, class OS 11b, BAST listed OSFb
  • Crack bridging class B3.2

System VIASOL DECK 11b

VIACOR coating systems Allianz Arena

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