Case Studies

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Published On November 21, 2017

Case Study: Private Hospital in Banja Luka

Setting New Standards in Hospitals  In October 2017 the most sophisticated hospital in Banja Luka opened its doors for the first time. Its prospective private patients are looking forward to the very best…

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Published On March 23, 2017

Case Study: Decorative flooring for Restaurants and Retail Spaces

Floor coating systems for restaurants and retail spaces On his website, Martino Scafetta, owner of „Martino‘s Feinkost“, a delicatessen and restaurant selling highest-quality, original italian specialities…

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Published On January 23, 2017

Case Study: Industrial flooring for production halls and car work shops

Industrial floor coatings for production halls H&B Electronic GmbH & Co., a company which has enjoyed considerable growth, has had its Headquarters in Deckenpfronn, Germany since 1984. H&B Electronic is…

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Published On October 25, 2016

Case Study: Car wash - drivable waterproofing

Big Wave pit stop – 600,000 litres of water a day A car wash processes up to 1,000 cars a day and for each 600 litres of water are necessary. In addition, high-pressure cleaners shoot this water with 120…

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Published On July 21, 2016

Case Study: FLOORING ArtWork

FLOOR-ArtWork with SKY Stylish architecture with advanced certified building materials characterise the new canoeists’ performance centre at the TSG Heilbronn. High quality construction for the next generation…

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Published On June 23, 2016

Case Study: Superior coatings for extreme conditions

Perfect coating helps to save lives You do not simply coat a helipad every day, which is exposed to extreme conditions and contributes to saving people. Pilots have to be in a position to safely land with…

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Published On April 15, 2016

Case Study: Allianz Arena

Parking at Allianz Arena The alliance arena in Munich has the ability to hold about 75.000 football fans. With a capacity of 9.800 car parking lots, the arenas four-floor multi-storey car park is the largest…

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Published On March 30, 2016

Case Study: Industrial flooring VIASOL ELASTIC UV

Design with a shine-VIACORs industrial flooring system The Esselte Leitz GmbH & Co KG company refurbished several slightly aged office rooms into a chillout-lounge for its staff. The goal was to create…